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Hand Lettering

At Streamline Studios, we specialize in the lost art of "Hand Lettering." Still widely used on movie sets and museums, hand lettering can help to establish the time period of a show, and it lends itself well to the aging process. While digital printing can create the look, hand lettered signs and wall graphics have a more natural look. If doing historical work, hand lettering is the only way to go. They didn't use vinyl back then, so why use it now.

Scenic Paint Work

letteringWith a background in scenic painting, we step it up to a whole new level, whether a movie set, or a faded billboard in a restaurant interior. Anyone can paint it to look nice, but when you want it to look distressed or faded, that's where we shine. So for that next project, let us help you create that "Scenic Look."


One of the most visual things you can do to a space is add a well-designed mural. The subject and execution makes all the difference in the world, whether in a pubic space or residential setting, we can help create "That Look."So if designing a new space or want a real conversation peice in your home, let us work with you to make it happen.

Historic Restoration Work

letteringWe have been very active in re-creating graphics and decals for a number of restoration projects. With no access to the original graphics, they must be painstakingly re-created by hand. Whether an old locomotive, or turn of the century threshing machine, everything must be researched and re-created to the original factory specifications. Once these objects of our past disappear, we'll never get them back. That is why we feel it is so important to make sure they're restored to their original beauty.

Theme and Decor Signs

One of our favorite types of signs to do is "Theme and Decor Signs." Whether a business looking for old advertising signs, or the workshop or home, these signs add visual appeal that gets noticed. When you combine our hand lettering skills with scenic painting experiance, the sky's the limit.

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