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Bringing you Quality Hand Painted Craftsmanship since 1987.

lettering Welcome to the home page of Streamline Studios Inc. Established in 1987 by Rick Janzen, the company started as a simple one man sign shop, but quickly moved into film and display work, specializing in Hand Lettering and Scenic Paint Work. You may have seen our work in numerous feature films or on television. We are also very active in the advertising industry (both print and television). Specializing in all levels of hand lettering, scenic work and pictorial work, Streamline Studios has a lot to bring to the table for your creative needs. With our background in the Film Industry, we have a special range of skills that are in high demand for decor in both the retail and restaurant industries. Whether it be a series of murals or faded billboards, we can help. Take some time and check out our site. If you have any questions, or would like to talk about your next project, feel free to contact us.

Streamline Studios has recently moved into the world of video production. With our background in film, we felt it was a natural step in the evolution of our company. The main focus of this venture is to produce small documentaries and a line of " How To" videos, covering "Painting signs for film" and "Mural Painting " for the home market. We are currently in production creating a short documentary called "Faded Paint...The Vanishing Sign Painter," and should be completed in early 2012. Maybe you need a small video explaining your company, or to show potential clients more about your products and services. If you are, we could be the perfect fit for that project.

If you have some time, drop in on our Blog to see what new and exciting projects we have on the go, We'll be posting "Step by Step" articles from time to time, so feel free to join in, or request a topic. The best way to keep a vanishing craft alive is to practice it. There's no doubt that computers are here to stay, but we believe there will always be a place, and market for things created the old fashioned way...By Hand. Thanks for dropping by.


Where "OLD SCHOOL" is alive and well

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